Friday, March 30, 2007

News News

Friday at last..what a long week : )
Just realized I have two kids books on the go, fun Graphic Design work, a comission for a painting, as well as some community art projects that are a go! YAY!
It feels so wonderful to be busy, a true blessing ; )

Tomorrow is get-up-early-and-rake the yard sort of day...I can't wait to get me hands in the soil and smell the rain...
Bugsy is getting a little stir-crazy herself...maybe I'll let her out on her leash...time to dust off the ol' garden shoes and put on my sun hat...Spring is here ; )

Thursday, March 8, 2007

All things in time

It's funny how a person will start a piece of work, paint away on it for hours, then come from it not too sure if they like it or not...This is what happened to me with this sketch...I was working away on it...truly enjoying the journey, then thought it was done... Now that I have brought it into my living room and had a look at it, I'm not too sure anymore. It's times like this that I start to think I'm not an artist, not any good...then I 'm reminded that the piece is still too close to me and I need to stand back and breathe...
Thanks what I'm going to do for now...breathe ; )